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Trond R. Karlsen

NATO Norway

MG Trond R. Karlsen

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Logistics Capability Workshop (LCWS) 2016

Director of the Logistics and Resources Division
NATO International Military Staff


Multinational Logistics and its Involvement in Future Coalition Operations

Multinational Logistics is a broad activity, which includes a wide variety of functions, to include: joint planning, mutual operational support, joint logistics education and training, improved standardization and interoperability, coordinated transport and troop movement, shared experience, and international agreements between coalition members.  Our current and future environment, both from an economic and security perspective, require us to consider the conduct of all future coalition operations using Multinational Logistics.  Each member nation in any coalition will bring both common and unique capabilities to the effort.  NATO is working hard to enable multinational logistics through the implementation of common processes, establishment of new organisational structures, development of information technology solutions, and encouraging nations to develop and share capabilities.

Curriculum Vitae

Major General Trond R Karlsen joined the military service in 1977.

He started his military education in the Norwegian Air Force in 1977 and was educated in economy and logistics at the Norwegian Naval College, where he graduated in 1983. He attended also the Norwegian Defence Staff College (1989 and 1993), and the Norwegian National Defence College (1998).

In the beginning of his career, the General has served in several different positions at Air stations in the Air Force and in the Air Material Command. Thereafter he gained wide experience in planning and budgeting from several assignments at Air Defence Staff, Air Material Command and Joint Staff at Headquarters Defence Command Norway. From 2003 he served as Deputy of the Economy and Control section at the Ministry of Defence.

From August 2004 he was assigned to lead the transformation and downsizing of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO). In April 2005 he became Commanding Officer of the NDLO and was promoted to Major General. The NDLO has a “cradle to grave” responsibility for all weapons systems in the Norwegian Armed Forces, which means acquiring new systems and sustaining them through their life-time by upgrades, maintenance and services.

In December 2011 he assumed the post of Norwegian National Military Representative at SHAPE.

In August 2014 he assumed the post of Director Logistics and Resources Division in the IMS at NATO HQ.

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