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Jean-Marc Bouillet

NATO France

COL Jean-Marc Bouillet

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Logistics Capability Workshop (LCWS) 2016

Deputy Director


NATO Military Advice on Energy Efficiency and Standardization: Best Practices and Lessons Identified

Operational energy demand is one of the driving factors that influence the design and footprint of the logistic support structure for operations, both deployed within theatre and across tactical to strategic lines of communication.  Reductions in deployed energy demand through enhanced energy efficiency have a direct influence on the agility and sustainability of deployed forces. Smart  energy solutions, both materiel (equipment) and non- materiel (management tools) need to be analyzed, tested and implemented  in order to transform the  traditional view on energy as an enabling commodity towards the energy as a force multiplier, which directly influences military capabilities and operational outcome. This presentation aims to: 1. highlight advantages of operational and materiel standardization for enhancing energy efficiency among NATO, nations and partners; 2. Observe current energy efficiency standardization proposals derived form exercise Capable Logistician 2015, 3. Discuss standardization way ahead for energy efficiency.

Curriculum Vitae

Col. Jean-Marc BOUILLET graduated from French Army academy of Saint-Cyr in 1991 with a master of sciences and from artillery academy in 1992.


He held various positions in French Army, from platoon leader to air-defense battery commander officer. After being graduated of a Master of Science from IFP-School with the specialty of petroleum products and engines, Col. BOUILLET joined in 2002 the French Joint Fuel Service (Service des Essences des Armées, SEA) as operation and logistic officer in a regional command and was in charge of Army, Navy and Air Forces fuel support.


In 2005, Col. BOUILLET attended the French joint staff college.

During the 3 next years, he was in charge of operational Fuel supply concepts and doctrines. Later on, he was appointed as deputy director on a POL regional command in Marseille. In 2011, he has been promoted as director of the French fuel service in the west of Africa in Libreville/Gabon with an area of responsibility which included Chad, Congo, Central Africa, Senegal, Mali, Niger…. When he returned back in France he was in charge of the steering office of the POL Service with responsibilities ranging from the internal control, inspections to the quality policy.

During his career he has been appointed for 6 months in the force protection of the United Nations in Yugoslavia, for 6 month as responsible of NATO Kosovo Forces fuel support in the NATO KFOR HQ Pristina and 4 months in Afghanistan in charge of the fuel supply of the French contingent.

In August 2016, Col. BOUILLET was assigned as Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE)

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