Cornelious Doraton

NATO United States of America

Mr. Cornelious Doraton

Future Forces Forum Logistics Capability Conference (LCC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

CL13, CL15 and CL19 Evaluation Analysis and Reporting Cell (EARC) Director
USA NATO International Standardization Program


Standartization as a integrant of future logistic

Curriculum Vitae

Serves as the U.S. Army North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) International Standardization and Interoperability Representative and functional expert for the Army, G-3/5/7 at NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium. Acts as the principal U.S. Army Delegate for NATO international standardization and interoperability matters. Provides oversight, guidance’s, and represents the U.S. Army Interests and Initiatives to the U.S. Army Standardization Delegations, NATO Committee Standardization, NATO Standardization Office (NSO) and the Military Committee for Operational Land Standardization matters.

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