Jean Marchal

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Mr. Jean Marchal

Future Forces Forum Multi-domain Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Project Officer “Experimentation, Systems of Systems, Space, and Modelling & Simulation
European Defence Agency

Curriculum Vitae

Jean Marchal is a military engineer, Colonel (Armament) in the French Mod and works now since more than 5 years in EDA as Project Officer “Experimentation, Systems of Systems, Space, and Modelling &Simulation”. (Captech ES3M) Before acting for EDA, he has worked in different areas of the French Defence Procurement agency (DGA: Direction Generale de l’Armement). He has a large experience in future Systems as he spend 15 years as military engineer for test, evaluation and qualification of all type of land vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, UAV, simulators and systems, together with French Army and then was also Programs Architect (preparation of Scorpion program). He has been “Systems of Systems reference architect” for the whole DGA, and developed the French Battlelab concept in Paris (LTO : Laboratoire Technico Operationnel), connecting DGA-Armed Forces & Industry in a collaborative environment. Responsible for many Live-Hybrid experimentations, and operational studies to prepare the future, he was many time involved in the man-unmanned system cooperation studies. He spend also 2 years in DGA Strategy Directorate where he elaborated the French “Strategic Plan for Research and Technology in Defence and Security”, still available on the DGA website.

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