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Anita Abbott

Research & Development New Zealand

Dr. Anita Abbott

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Research Director of Global Partnership and Development, New Zealand
Charisma University


Cyber and transnational terrorism network, and nuclear Jihadism: Lessons learned and future challenges

Cyber terrorism is an emergent political violence and social phenomenon in which transnational terrorism network is thus expanded. The terrorists are on the cutting edge of transnational networking by exploiting the opportunities that the Information Age offers.

The results of the expansion of transnational terrorism network include nuclear terrorism. In the 1990s, Pakistan sold nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. A.Q Khan, a Pakistani metallurgist, stole nuclear secrets from his employer and passed them to Pakistan’s military.

Crisis stability in state relations contributes to the activity of nuclear jihadism. Indo-Pakistani crisis stability, for instance, has been the impetus for nuclear terrorism.

What are the roles of cyber domain in the expansion of transnational terrorism network and nuclear jihadism? What are lessons that can be learned from the past and current phenomena of cyber terrorism? How can jihadist-provoked nuclear exchange be eliminated or at least minimised? Can Rules of Law and cyber diplomacy minimise jihadist-provoked nuclear exchange?

This paper endeavours to address such questions. By using social network analysis, and a resiliency model for countering threats, future challenges can be managed.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr Anita Abbott is the Research Director of Global Partnership and Development, New Zealand. She was a PAG researcher at NATO Defense College. She holds a PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. She has two postgraduate degrees: Master of Education (with distinction) from the University of Canterbury, and Master of Professional Studies in International Relations from the University of Auckland.  Anita has travelled extensively in the course of her research and speaking. She was one of the featured speakers for Asia Defence Conference in Singapore, and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association conference in Honolulu, and a keynote speaker for New Zealand Defence Force conference. She has written two books and numerous articles and commentaries. Her research interests include transnationalism, sovereignty, international agreement, and strategic diplomatic deterrence. She has developed several models and frameworks: Education sovereignty framework, strategic diplomatic deterrence model, alliance resiliency framework, and strategic geopolitical resiliency model. She is now working on her third book, and is working on political and strategic challenges associated with non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.


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