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Ms. Clare King

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Propel LLC


Advanced Wireless Textiles

Smart textiles have been on the edge of transforming military textiles for the past 20 years. Military planners are told in the future,  "Military personnel will wear garments that wirelessly sense, process and receive/transmit information." However the future seems to continually move to the next and following years. This presentation will address the barriers to when and whether we can expect military smart textiles to be a reality.

Clare King will draw on Propel LLC’s past experience  designing & developing one of a very few products coming to market for first responder use. Propel‘s current US Navy work for human to ship integration is developing protoype garments which demonstrate multifunctional capabilities and are transparent to the wearer. Propel is working to overcome obstacles to the revolution of military smart textiles.

Curriculum Vitae

Ms. Clare King has been engaged in the design and development of technical textiles and technical garments for 20+ years, with a particular focus in specialized membranes and fire resistant technologies. She founded Propel LLC in 2006, and currently serves as President of the company. She has been engaged in the design of smart garments for over decade, and is a patent holder for a smart garment shirt measuring physiology of first responders.

Ms Clare King holds a BA (Hons) Brasenose College, Oxford University and an MPA, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

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