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FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) is a highly recognized and widely endorsed international platform for defence & security information exchange and for promotion of the allied countries and their partners’ objectives within national and global security. The project presents a long-term modern concept  of events and activities concentrated on support and linking the industry, government, science, R&D at a high political, military and expert level.

All events are primarily focused on the presentation of current and future needs of the armed and security forces, state-of-the-art technologies and R&D programmes with interactions between all involved participants due to the interconnected topics on the military and also civilian level.  

Date: 19 - 23 October 2020

The main events of Future Forces Forum are organised biennially in Prague with official support of the Czech Ministry of Defence, General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior (Police, Fire Rescue Service and other IRS units), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Prison Service, Customs Administration, civil and military parts of the NATO HQ, European Defence Agency (EDA), and many other relevant national and international institutions, organisations and agencies (EUROPOL, FRONTEX, ICMM, WMO, etc.).  

The philosophy behind the FFF is in compliance with the principal objectives and actual core tasks of the Alliance and its Partners across the globe, namely the Connected Forces Initiative, Smart Defence, future potential crises and lessons learned from the latest operations.

The main programme of this global networking will take place in the week of 19 - 23 October 2020. The most important events will take place from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 October at PVA EXPO PRAGUE and will again include an international exhibition, congresses, conferences, workshops, a number of round tables, bilateral meetings, as well as indoor and outdoor dynamic demonstrations. At the same time, there will be official meetings of working groups from the NATO and EDA, which will take place from Monday to Friday at various locations in Prague and during the main programme at PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

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