Magnus Hallberg

NATO Sweden

MAJ Magnus Hallberg

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Project Manager Soldier Equipment, Sweden; NATO AC/225 LCG DSS Vice-Chairman, Vice-chairman Future Forces Individual Systems Congress (FFISC)
Land Warfare Centre

Curriculum Vitae

Infantry officer, the career consists of a mix of different positions within infantry and Mechanized battalions.

Graduated from Staff collage 2002 and completed Battalion Commander Course 2003, since 2004 at Land Warfare Centre development department. 


Has a position as 2IC and PM PPE at one of the development departments at Land Warfare Centre.

Part of the Swedish study SMP MARKUS until the study was finished 2007.

PM soldier PPE since 2009.


Part of LCG DSS since 2004.

Vice Chair in LCG DSS since 2012.

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