Stefan Kowitz

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service NATO Germany

BG Dr. Stefan Kowitz (MD), MBA

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Medical Advisor of NATO’s Allied Command Operations
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) NATO


New challenges for NATO demand the civilian military medical interface

Under Article 3 of the North Atlantic Treaty, Allies committed to building resilience; the combination of civil preparedness and military capacity. Resilience is a core element of collective defence and requires military medicine to works coherently with its civilian counterparts.

With a global shortage of medical personnel and national economic drivers to make civilian health systems as lean as possible, the last two decades have seen a decrease of healthcare reserve or surge capacity across Europe. Hybrid warfare threats may significantly hamper a nation’s ability to provide health care services.

 There is the requirement for better situational awareness of national civilian crisis response plans, medical capabilities and capacities. Misconceptions exist regarding the ability of NATO and host nations to support each other, which may lead to unfulfilled expectations. Collective resilience planning and training are critical shortfalls. This will require cross-governmental interaction as well as political, legal and strategic guidance.

 The nexus between health and security in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world is becoming more pronounced. Global health security requires strong health systems with the resources and personnel to identify threats, respond quickly and prevent the spread across borders. International collaboration and cooperation of civilian and military stakeholders is therefore essential.

Curriculum Vitae

Military Appointments: 

-March 1979: entry into military service as a medical officer

-Medical degree at University of Köln and Gießen

-Clinical training and education at Military Hospital in Gießen and Koblenz

-Director of Medical Centre, Rennerod

-Commander of Medical Squadron AFCENT Brunssum (NLD)

-Commander of Medical Battalion 11, Leer

-Commander of Field Hospital Regiment 11, Fürstenau

-Section Chief at the Surgeon General’s Department of the Army, Mönchengladbach/Koblenz

-Assistant Chief of the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service Activation Staff, MoD Bonn

-G3 Regional Medical Command I, Kiel

-Deputy G3 Joint Medical Forces Command Bonn/Koblenz

-Medical Advisor to the JFC HQ, Brunssum, (NLD)

-Chief Division X (Further Development, Capability Analysis and Research) of the Bundeswehr Medical Office, Munich

-Chief of Division I (Medical Service Planning, International Cooperation Concepts and

-Development) of the German Joint Service Headquarters, Koblenz

-Director of the NATO Center of Excellence for Military Medicine, Budapest (HUN)

 Current Appointment:

 -Since August 2016 Medical Advisor for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) / Allied Command Operations (ACO) for NATO

Overseas Deployments:

-1995 Deputy Commander of German Field Hospital, TROGIR, HRV

-2005 Medical Director and Advisor at HQ ISAF KABUL, AFG

-2011 Commander of German Medical Task Force, AFG


Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon

- Hungarian Service Medal of Merit in Gold Grade


- United Nations Medal

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