Jaromír Alan

Czech Republic

MG Jaromír Alan Dipl. Eng, MSc

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Director Capability Planning Division, Vice-chairman Future Forces Individual Systems Congress (FFISC)
Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Curriculum Vitae

Colonel Jaromír Alan is in the position of deputy director of Capabilities Development and Planning Division of MoD. He has eight years of experiences in capability and force planning. Colonel’s military background is strongly connected to ground based air defense. Started at the lowest commanding position at the beginning and achieving the highest leadership position in GBAD he spent 20 years of his military career there. Since 2008 has Colonel Alan been involved in capability planning process at Ministry of Defense. His experience and ideas have strong impact in development of the Czech Armed Forces concept and the concepts of particular military services.

Colonel Alan has combat experience from his deployment in the Balkans operations.

He is married and has two children.




1987                Platoon commander (SA-6 AD missile launcher platoon)

1988                Deputy battery commander (SA-6 fire battery)

1988 – 1993    Battery commander (SA-6 fire battery)

1993 – 1995    Deputy chief of staff (SA-6 AD missile regiment)

1995 – 1996    Infantry platoon and company commander (Balkans operations / UNPROFOR, UNCRO, IFOR)

1996 – 1999    Deputy battalion commander (SA-6 C2 battalion)

2000 – 2003    Air Defence Missile Group deputy commander

2004 – 2005    Air Defence Missile Group commander

2005 – 2007    Chief of Ground Based Air Defence of the Czech Republic

2008 – 2011    Head of Force Planning Branch / General Staff

2011 – 2014    Chief of Staff – Czech military delegation to NATO and EU

2014 – 2016    Deputy Director – Capabilities Development and Planning division of MoD





1983 - 1987     Military Technical University in Liptovsky Mikulas, SVK, Master of electronics.

2001 - 2002     Defence University in Brno, Command and Staff College, Air Defence.

2003 - 2004     US Air University, Maxwell AFB, Air Command and Staff College, Command and Control in Air Force.

2006 - 2007     Defence University in Brno, Course of General Staff.

2015 – 2016    National Defence University, Washington D.C., USA, Eisenhower School for Strategic Resources, Master of Science.

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