Abraham Avi Bachar

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Israel

BG (Ret) Abraham Avi Bachar MA

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Israeli Homeland Security Team


A methodology to build “National Resilience Strategy“

Understanding the modern threat, analyzing weaknesses and vulnerabilities to be addressed with a holistic approach: Society, critical infrastructure resilience, mental resilience and a stronger alignment with NATO and EU. My Experience: Former Israeli NEMA's Chairman. The organization responsible for coordination of the First Responders, ensuring the Resilience - in time of War, Natural disasters, Cyber-attacks and CBRNE terror events – of the Government Ministries, Municipalities and critical infrastructures - through: Guidance, coordination, instruction, drills and control. Former chief of staff, the Israeli Home Front Command – HFC / IDF. IsraTeam: Architects of policy, strategy and implementation of Emergency Management, Homeland Security and National Resilience. National Vulnerability: Evaluate the specific vulnerabilities of each country, and analyzing them taking into account: Cyber, War, CBRNE, Media, Energy, Water & food, Medicine, Communication and social & First Responders mental resilience. National Resilience Strategy: Decision-making – what to be prepared for, appropriate scenarios - Balancing between the threats and the resources allocated for countering the Hybrid Warfare. Determining the minimal level of services. Developing new concepts of operation for emergency management. Determining the National Strategy: organizations, responsibility, regulation, C4I and collaboration with neighboring countries. Establishing the National Resilience Strategy - Master Plan.

Our goal is to create "Total Defense" with holistic and optimal 360 degrees approach, creating a synergy of First responders, military and civilian resources.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 1998 – Founder & CEO -IsraTeam Ltd:  The Israeli Architect of national policy for emergency, developing strategies for any threats, preparing national resilience and conducting national drills and implementation. Recognized international and Israeli authority in the field of developing operational and organizational methods, emergency incident doctrines and training programs.

 2007 -2009 Chairman of the National Emergency Economy Organization, (today –National Emergency Management Agency NEMA).

A national organization to ensure the ability to provide the needs and services necessary for the population in time of War, Natural disasters, Cyber-attack  and CBRNE terror events, responsible for  preparing the Government offices, the Municipalities and  the critical  infrastructures resilience,  for and during all various emergency situations, through: Guidance, coordination, instruction, drills and control.

1995 -1998 Last military position was Chief of Staff, Home Front Command (HFC), IDF. Responsible for organizing and preparing the new command for all emergences especially for War, CBRNE terror events and earthquakes.  

MA degree in communal policy and public administration from the Tel-Aviv University,

The General determines and wrote the National Response Plan for Earthquakes in Israel.                                                          He was a special consultant to the Israeli National Police (INP) and defined the Concept of Operations to deal with War and CBRNE events and conducting National level exercises.

IsraTeam 98 Ltd. led by BG Avi Bachar has been nominated by the NEMA (the Israeli National Emergency management Agency) to plan, design, integrate and manage the national civil Defence exercises. National Emergency - “Turning Point 6” (2012) and “Turning Point 8” (2014) and also "Turning point 15 " (2015),

Recently Avi Bachar has been nominated to lead the project of preparing all the Israeli governments for emergency management and critical infrastructure resilience  

 Academic Studies

1987    BA in General Studies, Tel-Aviv University.

1990    MA in Public Policy, Tel-Aviv University.

1991    MA in Political Science, Haifa University.

Military Studies

  1.    Graduated Advanced Course of US Army Engineering Corps.

1985    Graduated IDF Command and Staff College.

1991   Graduated National Security College.

 Principal Posts

2010                CEO – ISRATEAM

2007 – 2009   Chairman of the National Emergency Economy Board

1998 – 2007   President and CEO of "ISRATEAM" 98 Ltd 

1995 - 1998   Chief of Staff, IDF Home Front Command

1991 - 1995   Commander, Southern District, IDF Home Front Command

1988 - 1990   Chief Combat Engineer, IDF Central Command.

1986 - 1988   Head of Doctrine and Development Department, Combat Engineer Corp

 Areas of Expertise and Experience

  • As Chairman of the National Emergency Economy Board he was responsible for preparing and coordinating the national economic systems including - government offices, local (municipal) authorities and critical infrastructure - for and during all various emergency situations.
  • As Chief of Staff of the Israel Home Front Command the General defined the policy for force development, developed the doctrine in the HFC and defined the Command Control and Communication Systems.
  • Systems analysis of large organizations in order to obtain synergistic solutions providing maximum efficiency.
  • Leading a project of evaluating all Homeland Security in time of emergency in Israel, for the Ministry of Interior Security.
  • General Bachar led a group of experts planning the National Response for Earthquakes.
  • The General leads a consultant group to the Government of Turkey for earthquake mitigation, including conducting special exercises for the Turkish Search & Rescue units.
  • Development and marketing special equipment for rescuing from high- rise buildings, special protective kits for the private citizen and for commercial needs.
  • Vast experience in conducting and organizing the medical support for mass casualty events (Hospital and EMS), especially for CBRNE terror events.

Conducting a Media Campaign for early awareness of the population.

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