Christian Dugauquier

CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Belgium

COL Christian Dugauquier

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Médecin Commandant, BIOMED EP Chairman
Belgian Army



From BIOMEDAC to  BIOMED P: 20 Years of biological expertise

In 1998, recognition of the unique issues surrounding Biological threats lead to the constitution of the Biological Medical Advisory Committee (BioMedAC). First constituted of seven scientists from five NATO nations, the group considered issues related to chemoprophylaxis and immunization against biological warfare agents. BioMedAC slowly grew to include members from a dozen or NATO nations.  The BioMedAC is composed of clinicians, pharmacists, microbiologists, public health officers, and biomedical laboratory experts.

 The BioMedAC provided subject matter expertise for the development of the biological portions of Medical NATO Doctrine: AMedP-06(NATO Handbook on the Medical Aspects of Defensive Operations), AMedP-07(Concept of Operations of Medical Support in CBRN Environments) and AMedP-08 (NATO Planning Guide for the Estimation of CBRN Casualties). BioMedAC was custodian of STANAG 2242 (chemoprophylaxy and immunotherapy against BW Agents), STANAG 2278 (Medical advice to commanders: restriction of movement for the control of contagious disease from naturally occurring or deliberately released Biological Warfare agents) and STANAG 2529 (Rapidly Deployable Outbreak Investigation Team (RDOIT)).

BioMedAC was also in charge of giving advices on a broad array of biodefense-related issues ranging from the burial needs of infectious decedents to the protective mechanisms necessary for the safe evacuation of biological casualties. 

 The scope of BioMedAC was progressively extended to natural diseases with potentially operational impact.

 In 2014 BIOMEDAC changed his name for BIOMED P (BIOLOGICAL Medical Expert Panel). But the mission and the motivation remained the same.

 Beyond efforts at doctrinal standardization, one of the goals of this panel is to create close working relationship between the members of the group.

Curriculum Vitae


Medical Doctor, Free University of Bruxelles (ULB) 1984 - 1991

Pathologic anatomy Pr. FLAMENT-DURAND, Erasmus Hospital (Bruxelles) 1989-1991

DEA in medical Sciences, University of Mons (UMH) 2002-2004

Since 1995, Development of forensic expertise

Scientific activities

Participation to clinical studies (phase 4 and phase 3).

Research project on cold physiology at the University of Moncton (Canada). 1994

Evaluation of CBRN protective suits. CEM Braschaat (1995 and 2001)

Founding member of the research group on sudden infant death syndrome

Permanent speaker for the interuniversity postgraduate course  in human genetics (BESHG)


Participation to two missions in BOSNIA, as C Med for the Belgian contingent: BELSUPBAT IV (IFOR) in 1996 and BELCONDET I (SFOR) in 1997.

Participation to the ISAF XX mission in Kabul in 2010, also as C Med of the Belgian Contingent

Actual Job

For Belgian Defense: Head of the Medical Technical Board of ACOS Well Being, responsible for the prevention of sanitary risks for deployed personal and member of the CBRN Expert Panel.


For the Institute of Pathology and Genetic (IPG): expertise in pediatric autopsy since 1995

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