Jaroslav Šimek

Czech Republic

Mr. Jaroslav Šimek

Future Forces Forum Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS Conference (GEOMETOC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, v.v.i.


GNSS oriented geodetic infrastructure in the Czech Republic and GOP contribution to EGNOS Service Performance Monitoring

The technological development facilitated through the new space geodetic techniques for navigation and positioning poses challenges by creating new requiremnts for accessibility, accuracy and long-term stability. The new geodetic technologies are leading to fundamental changes not only in all areas  of navigation and transport, but also for application in process  control in farming, construction, mining, resource management, in construction and monitoring of infrastructure, in surveying and mapping and in Earth observation. Geodetic techniques are crucial for the assessment of geohazards and anthropogenic hazards, they will play a pivotal role in early warning systems of such hazards and disasters.  All these applications are based on a global geodetic reference frame that can be used by all Earth observing systems to monitor atmosphere, ocean, earth surface  and which relates the measurements to a globally consistent reference frame. Such a reference frame is a result of a global international collaboration realized by many institutions and agencies from several tens of countries on a voluntary basis. A contribution of the Czech Republic to the realization and maintenance of the global geodetic reference frame is reported.  How the GNSS based  geodetic infrastructure and specific  tools developed for  the realization and maintenance of the global geodetic reference frame can be used for further GNSS applications is illustratd on the example of EGNOS services performance monitoring.  Reported is a contribution of the Geodetic Observatory Pecný of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography to the specific grant related to the support from the Member States to EGNOS service performance monitoring (SPMS) in response to the European GNSS Agency (GSA) invitation for the framework partnership. This grant is supported by the GSA, coordinated by CNES (France) and is realized by  an international consortium which joins 9 instituions of 7 European countries. GOP contributes to local positioning performance assessment, EDAS performance monitoring and RIMS site environment quality monitoring.

Curriculum Vitae

1968 – 1971                  surveyor in engineering geodesy and geodetic control networks

1972 – 1973                 research assistant in the Branch information Center, RIGTC

1974 – 1977                 researcher, Dept of Theoretical Geodesy, RIGTC

1975 – 1989                member of international working group for adjustment of Central- and East- European  Continental Geodetic Reference Network

1977 – 1989                member of realization team for Operational Continental Network of Space Triangulation

1978 – 1987                 researcher, Dept of Geodetic Astronomy, RIGTC

1988 – 2010                 senior researcher and Head of the Dept of Geodesy and Geodynamics and of         Geodetic Observatory Pecný, RIGTC

1991 – 2010                 international coordinator of section3 – Geodesy, Committee on Earth Sciences, Central European Initiative

1998 – 2008                member of TWG EUREF (IAG Subcommission for Europe)

2003 – 2007                secretary of Expert Group on Geodesy, EuroGeographics

2010 - now                  senior researcher at RIGTC

2015 - now                  chairman of the EUPOS® international Initiative

2009 – now                 EUPOS® delegate in the ICG (International Committee on GNSS) UN OOSA

2014 – now                 national coordinator of GOP participation in EGNOS SPMS GSA project

2014 – now                 member of PosKEN Eurogeographics

2017 – now                 member of GGRF: Europe Working Group


1968                            graduated from he Czech Technical University, geodesy and cartography

1970 – 1973              University of 17th November in Prague – international relations

1973 – 1976             post-graduate studies – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University

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